Notes from Dribbble Hangtime 2018

events, Published 2018.05

Photo of the Seattle waterfront from Bell Harbor conference center.

This is a quick write up of some of the talks that occurred at Dribbble’s Hangtime in Seattle on May 15. The line up of speakers was great. I appreciated the diversity of backgrounds and specializations

Khoi Vinh: “What do we want design to be?”

I’ve looked up to Khoi for years, so I was psyched to learn he was the keynote speaker. His talk did not disappoint.

Here are some key bullet points:

Khoi also gave this talk talk earlier in the year. You can read his write-up on his blog here. Find Khoi on Dribbble here.

Khoi Vinh
Potato quality snapshot of Khoi speaking.

Dina Rodriguez: “Do more of what works”

Dina’s personal studio Letter Shoppe, and her awesome podcast Women of Illustration.

Nathan Yoder: “Making a Name for Others”

Nathan’s talk was a series of lessons, and he’s a great story teller. I promise his talk was more cohesive than my haphazard bullet points here:

Follow Nathan and his stunning illustrations on Dribbble.

Nathan Yoder
Awesome insight on knowledge vs. understanding

Josh Brewer: Panel Discussion

Find Josh’s on work Dribbble.

Invisible Creature: Narrow-Minded

Invisible Creature’s Dan and Ryan Clark also gave their talk as a series of lessons.

The Invisible Creature website.

The Rest: Klare Frank, Claudio Guglieri, Aaron Draplin

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to focus during Klare’s talk because I was speaking just after her. (And nervously practicing.)

Hangtime Audience in the Auditorium
My view just before speaking

I also didn’t take many notes during Claudio Gluglieri’s or Aaron Draplin’s talks. But Claudio has given his talk elsewhere, which is great because I can link a video.

Some of Klare’s work on Dribbble here.

Claudio on Dribbble here.

Aaron Draplin’s studio website

Would I go again?

Friends: Brit & Paul
Got to hang with some great friends.

Yes! It was nice to be in a space that was welcoming of all types of design and all levels of experience. It was also a low-key event. Other design events I’ve attended have felt… pretentious and self-important. Hangtime did not. The Dribbble team did a nice job of making it a positive, open and welcoming environment. Kudos to Dribbble for putting on a fantastic 1-day conference.

(Rumor has it, Dribbble Hangtime 2019 will be in LA, hope to see you there!)